Web UI for BBA CRUD Operations

Welcome to the web user interface
for handling the bba DID method operations

This website wraps the bba DID method handler into a human friendly UI to provide convenient access to the bba DID method. The bba DID method aims to enable the Ardor Blockchain to act as a DPKI (Public Utility) within the Trust over IP stack for Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). Further information is available within the bba DID method specification repository.

The website is a single-page application and runs entirely in your browser. This means that no private keys and passphrases are sent to any server and that transaction signing and key generation is done locally in your browser. The source code is available here.

Use the following example DIDs for playing around with the resolution operation:
mainnet: did:bba:47ef0798566073ea302b8178943aaa83f227614d6f36a4d2bcd92993bbed6044
testnet: did:bba:t:45e6df15dc0a7d91dcccd24fda3b52c3983a214fb0eed0938321c11ec99403cf
A bba DID can also be resolved by the Universal Resolver.

Your Ardor account passphrase.
Your DID Document Key Type.
Your verification relationship the key will be used for. Select None if the key should be generic.
The name of your service. Required for service creation.
The type of your service. Required for service creation.
The endpoint of your service. Required for service creation.

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